About the project

xEther is quite an interesting product.

You deposit an amount of ether, that you consider sensible. And then get paid back 2, 3 or even 10 times more. Plus you can win the jackpot. Your deposits are secured by the guarantee fund. The balance of the fund can be easily checked.

Why do we do this? Firstly, we get the proof of idea and adopt the technology, implemented here, on bigger scale projects, that we plan to launch next. With this product getting more popular, we’ll open the source code. So that you can make sure there are no pitfalls. And secondly we get the fee income.

From the very start, the project’s fund will be 10 ETH for Ethereum and 250 ETC for Ethereum Classic. As long as the fund is sufficient, you’ll assuredly get your deposit back, multiplied by x times. Where x is your personal multiplier (2 to 10). The fund’s balance is displayed in the bottom of this page or available in smart-contract. The commission for the payout is 20%, this is our income. It comprises of 3 parts: 2% is allotted to the jackpot prize fund. 5% goes to the project support. 13% is paid to the investors.